Nancy is the home of creative director Andrew Philip.
With over 20 years of experience in film, tv and design, me and my collaborators have what it takes to tackle any creative brief, putting together the right team to execute it beautifully. What I love most is solid partnerships: working with nice people and leaving the drama on the screen where it belongs.
Every project starts with a visual idea and a strong script. Then it's all about finding the right tools to make it happen. That could mean editing and grading your footage to make it look great, applying animated typography, motion design and visual effects to make things fizzle, pop and crackle to your audience’s delight.
Nancy works with brands, broadcasters, production companies, charities, advertising and communications agencies.
Any message, concept or product you need to get across, we’ll collaborate to come up with an idea that’s right for you (and your budget).
Art Direction
Motion Design
Visual Effects
Colour Correction
Music & Sound Editing
Sound Design & Mixing

Why Nancy?
The company is named after Nancy Philip, a globe-trotting, rebellious, brave adventurer. All the things we strive to be at Nancy.
Nancy with surfboard
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